We are dedicated to creating elevated picnic experiences for memorable gatherings. It's our passion to create picnics around you and your occasion. In honoring the importance of gatherings, allow us the pleasure to do all the work for you so you get to truly be present and enjoy your time with others. We handle the set up and pack up- all you need to do is arrive, enjoy your time, and leave with your guests without worrying about the logistics.

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We love to elevate the picnic experience. Allow us the pleasure to create picnics styled to the vibe or occasion that you wish to celebrate. Check out our packages page for picnic options or ask us about customizable picnics. Do you have a special or private event coming up? Our picnics are perfect for any gathering. We've created picnics for backyard house concerts, wedding ceremonies, wedding welcome parties, and so on. Contact us to make picnic magic!

"we love to elevate the picnic experience"

"it's our passion"

Born of a deep love for Santa Barbara and the outdoors, we are passionate about showcasing the beauty of the region to visitors and locals alike with our intimate styled picnics. We wanted to create an event service that wasn’t overly complicated, but was something special that friends and loved ones could enjoy- whether that be for a date, birthday, celebration, or just because! Our team of picnic stylists have an eye for detail and are full-heartedly dedicated to making any occasion significant with our styled picnics.



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