The Picnic Experience

Santa Barbara Picnic Co. is a boutique events company, dedicated on creating memorable moments and experiences. Born of our deep love for Santa Barbara and the outdoors, we are passionate about showcasing the beauty of the region to visitors and locals alike with our intimate set-ups and events. We are all about elevating outdoor experiences by creating charming picnics to go along with the views!

Allow us the pleasure of coordinating, styling, and doing all the work for you. Our service implements bespoke pop-up picnics for any occasion. Through our dreamy set-ups, we aspire to immerse you into a tranquil and inspiring space where you get the chance to relax, connect, and live in the moment.

Nicole, Owner and Picnic Designer

With a love for elaborate ambiances, Nicole knows what it takes to make any occasion a radiant experience. Inspired by Santa Barbara’s wondrous mountains and beaches, she infuses the local lifestyle with her bohemian flair into tasteful setups. 

Nicole wanted to create an event service that wasn’t overly complicated, but was something special that friends and loved ones could enjoy- whether that be for a date, birthday, celebration, or just because! Nicole has an eye for detail and is full-heartedly dedicated to making any occasion significant with her picnic set-ups and styling.

From mountaintops to waterfronts, gardens to sandy beaches, let picnicking show you the beauty of Santa Barbara.