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If you have to cancel for any reason you forfeit fees paid as follows:
(a) If booking is cancelled 4 or more weeks before the picnic date we  will refund your partial booking fees paid minus the 50% retainer.
(b) Bookings cancelled 2 – 4 weeks before the event date will forfeit 75% of the total booking fee;
c) Bookings cancelled or item quantities reduced within 2 weeks of the picnic date will forfeit 100% of the total booking fee.
(d) Santa Barbara Picnic Co. has the full right to charge the client full fees for services or goods that occurred or were purchased for the event (ie. florals, etc.) before the cancellation.
(e) In the event of bad weather for picnic events; Santa Barbara Picnic Co. reserves the right to refuse to set-up any outdoor event in the case of bad weather. The owner will do all things reasonable to relocate the picnic/event to an alternate location. Alternative plans or rescheduling should occur 48hrs prior to the booking so no extra costs are incurred. Bookings which are paid in full that require cancelation due to bad/severe weather, where practicable, will be re-scheduled within a 3 month period.  Additional costs for all the perishable items e.g. flowers, etc. will be incurred if cancelled less than 10 days prior to the picnic. Rescheduled dates are subject to availability.

What's your cancellation policy?

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about unfortunate weather too often in Santa Barbara. However, if the weather forecast predicts rain for your picnic date, please contact us in advance of your picnic to discuss your options.

Rescheduling and Cancellation/Rain & Wet Weather

- Any cancellation will result in loss of the 50% non-refundable retainer.  
- In the case of rain/wet weather, the Client has up to 48 hours prior to the Picnic to decide if they want to make alternate arrangements at an indoor location or reschedule the event.
- The Client has a 3 month limit following the cancelled event for rescheduling and must be of equal or higher value.
Santa Barbara Picnic Co. will apply the Client's original 50% non-refundable retainer toward this rescheduled event if it is within 3 months of the original Event Date.
- If Santa Barbara Picnic Co. is not notified of cancellation, intent of rescheduling or change in venue a minimum of 48 hours hours prior to Picnic Date, no refunds of any kind will be provided.
- In the case the weather forecast predicts wet weather, Santa Barbara Picnic Co. will not assemble items outdoors.

What if it rains?

Wine and beer is allowed at the Mission Rose Garden only. Alcohol is prohibited on all beaches in Santa Barbara. We do not offer alcoholic beverages. It is the responsibility of the Client to check alcohol laws of any venue or public space being used for one of our picnics.
Most public parks and beaches prohibit alcohol consumption. Santa Barbara Picnic Co. takes no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties occurred.

Is alcohol allowed?

We do not include food or beverage and we are unable to provide ice. However, we have recommendations on where you can order grazing platters or catering and have it delivered to your picnic! 
Grazing Recommendations: Goodland Graze & Britt Ann Spreads
Local Cafe Recommendation: Merci Montecito (offers delivery)
Catering Recommendations: Poe and Co. & Coco Laforge

*Caterers have a food + beverage minimum and can usually only accommodate groups of 6 people+.

What is not included in a picnic?

We create a bespoke picnic for you based on your contact form selections (guest count, occasion, location, color/style preferences, etc.). We deliver, set up, style your picnic and have everything ready upon your arrival. We stay at the picnic site to greet you and make sure nobody else decides to have your picnic! Once you arrive, we leave you to enjoy your experience for the reserved time. You are responsible for the items until we return to pack them up at the arranged time. Once we return to pack up, you are free to leave and enjoy the rest of your day or evening.

How does a picnic booking work?

We require a location to be within 50 yds of vehicle access. There may be additional costs if there isn’t close vehicle access or if it’s out of Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta. Please see our favorite picnic locations here.

Can you set up anywhere?


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