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Launching a Picnic Event Business

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The idea of hosting picnics and creating these one-of-a-kind experiences started to peak my interest during the spring of 2018. It started off with a desire to elevate my own picnics by adding a few extra props and pillows. Little by little, I started to add to my personal picnic collection. I became inspired by styling picnics with friends, which led to my idea to offer a picnic experience as a service for others. Santa Barbara has such a beautiful landscape and climate that makes it perfect for picnics all year long. I thought it would be something fun and different that both visitors and locals could have the pleasure of experiencing.

I was motivated to create styled gatherings (in the form of a picnic) for others to enjoy. My dream manifested when my good friend Barbara (@barbara.goes.wear) suggested that I co-host with her and Kate (@katehofberg) on a local creative’s gathering. They were planning a lunch to meet other bloggers in town, and Barbara thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test out my picnic idea- AKA Santa Barbara Picnic Co’s very first gathering.

The Mission Rose Garden made the perfect backdrop for this vintage, boho-chic picnic. The decor pieces were carefully sourced to curate the perfect garden picnic to be reused and loved by others. We set the scene with a gold-rimmed bar cart, an antique white fringe umbrella, mismatched blankets from Anthropologie, rugs from Urban Outfitters, pillows, pink crystal glassware, floral accents, and wooden crates. 

Picnicking is always a wonderful opportunity for people to gather and share special moments. There’s just something so magical about grounding yourself with the Earth, sharing bites to eat, and connecting with friends while being amongst nature.

I cannot thank my friend, Barbara, enough for supporting my idea and dream, and for every one else who encouraged the opportunity for Santa Barbara Picnic Co. to launch! A special thanks to @cherthismoment for capturing the magic of my first hosted picnic and for making it look as dreamy as it felt. I appreciate every one who has been following along this creative journey!

♡ Nicole


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