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Full Moon Circle & Picnic: Super Blood Moon Eclipse

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Being a lover of the moon and all things celestial, I was excited to put together my very first full moon circle. It happened to be a “Super Blood Moon Eclipse” and the beginning of a new year, so we had fun incorporating food, tea, and decor following the theme. My co-host Barbara  brought her incredible collection of crystals and led us through journaling exercises.

We ordered a Spirit Daughter moon workbook to follow during our circle, which I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for an easy to follow guidebook on each month’s lunar phases/occurrences. 

Our gathering took place up in the hills of Carpinteria at a private avocado and citrus farm known as The Ocean View Farm. Our amazing friends at All Heart Rentals designed and made the crescent moon backdrop and provided their dreamy purple-tinted redwood table.

We started off the evening with a vegan cheeseboard with artisanal nut-based cheeses from Sproutcraft Creamery, gluten-free superfood bread from Oat Bakery, homemade raspberry + dark chocolate stars, moon brewed hibiscus-tulsi tea using Goldthread‘s Tulsi Clarity tonic + edible viola flowers from Flora Vista Farms, and a raw vegan raspberry cheesecake.

This was such a special full moon being the first one of the new year in 2019. It was a ‘super’ moon meaning it would look larger and closer to Earth as well as a lunar eclipse. It was quite a treat to experience! We closed our circle by choosing a Dreamy Moons positive affirmation card to reflect on as a theme for the year.


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